Do you ever find yourself thinking you’re not good enough, your work’s not sharp or creative enough?

I have.
We absolutely all all have.
Entrepreneurship can be a lonely place, and if you’re measuring yourself and your work based on social media likes and shares, you’re bound to feel even more negative and worthless.

Today, I’m sharing three steps I take when I feel my work’s not good enough and I find myself falling down the ‘compare’ rabbit hole.


Realising that fear is part of the entrepreneurship journey and acknowledging its presence, is a sure fire way of moving forward and making fear itself, a little less scary.
Everyone feels fear. Richard Branson failed multiple times. Arianna Huffington had her book rejected by 36 publishers. Walt Disney was fired for not having any imagination.
You’re going to feel scared trying new things & putting your work out there, but do it. Take fear along for the journey.


If someone’s work is making you feel less than adequate on social media, remove them from your feed. You don’t need a reminder everyday of how someone else’s work makes you feel.

However, remember they are on their own unique journey and you may have no idea of how rocky, unsettled or uncertain that journey may have been. While you’re taking the timeout from others to work and focus on yourself and your work, take time to accept which securities could be making you feel a certain way and work on those.


Shop up every day, being true to yourself and what you want to create. Your ideal client will love that and resonate with what you put out.
And if it’s a platform that’s draining you, give it up. Only do what makes YOU HAPPY.

Telling yourself that your work isn’t good enough, won’t make you feel any better about it. If you feel your skills are lacking in a certain area of photography, take the time to develop that skill. Find one person you can trust, be it a family member or colleague, and ask for their opinion on your work if you really feel you need validation from someone other than yourself.

But show up as yourself everyday.

Create what makes you feel happy.

You are enough, just as you are.